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Our Schools

Granite Fall High School - Fight Song(tune: Notre Dame Fight Song)Come on, Ole Granite, Ole Granite High!Success to you in all that you try.Float your colors here on high.Shake down the thunder from the sky.Come on, Ole Granite, you've got the ball.Ole Granite High will win over all.When we win, it's in the nameOf the school that we love the best - GFHS.Come on ole Granite, Ole Granite HighSuccess to you in all that you try.Send those Freshmen out for gin,Don't let a soul but the Seniors in.We never stagger; we never fall.We sober up on wood alcohol.When we die, we'll burn in firefor the glory of ole Granite High.RAH! RAH! RAH! RAH!

photos made by Glen C. Richards at a GFHS Homecoming Parade in the 1950s

Granite Falls History and Transportation Museum

Located in the Historic Home of Andrew Baird

107 Falls AvenueGranite Falls, North Carolina 28630phone (828) 396-2792