People and Places There have been many fascinating people who lived in Granite Falls as well as interesting places to visit. Alas, time has taken its toll. This page will help us “meet” some people who are no longer with us and “visit” some places that no longer exist. On this visit, we are featuring a businesswoman who succeeded without being able to vote, and a piano plant that may be gone, but not forgotten. Just click on the photo or links.
Kohler and Campbell Although it went out of business years ago, there is long narrow building that runs parallel to the railroad tracks and Hwy 321A that will likely remain a landmark for years to come. It was once home to a piano factory that moved here to take advantage of nearby lumber and woodworking artisans. To learn more, click on the links and .pdf icon: Bruce Jobson of Snellville, Ga. sent the museum this history of Kohler-Campbell and the link to Blue Book of Pianos. (click on .pdf icon to open) We also have a booklet at the museum that Mark Jackson, editor of the Caldwell Journal, researched and wrote.