About the Museum The Town of Granite Falls owns and maintains the Granite Falls History and Transportation Museum with the help of the Granite Falls History Committee, which oversees maintenance, exhibits, and preservation of historical materials. The museum is open from 2 until 4 p.m. on Sundays except on holiday weekends and at times when a volunteer is not available. Persons wishing to visit the museum outside of the normal hours should call the town office at (828) 396- 3131 to make arrangements. There is no charge for admission, but there is a donations box for persons who wish to help defray museum expenses. The History Committee greatly appreciates the volunteers who keep the museum open, and we are actively seeking additional people to help us reopen the museum on Saturday afternoons. We can only open on Sundays at the current time because we do not have enough volunteers to be open on other days. Volunteers will receive training before being assigned to serve one two hour shift each quarter. If you are interested, please call the town office at (828) 396- 3131. About the Website Linda Crowder, Co-Chairman of the Granite Falls History Committee and President of the Granite Falls Historical Association, built this website and maintains it on a voluntary basis. If you have any questions about its content, please send inquiries to her at lrdrcrowder@gmail.com. Before and After Photos