There are two (2) groups of people in Granite Falls who work to preserve our history - the History Committee and the Granite Falls Historical Association, Inc. The History Committee works under the direction of town officials to oversee all aspects of the Granite Falls History and Transportation Museum, including maintenance of facilities, arrangement of exhibits, and the preservation of historical materials. The Town Council appoints members of the History Committee (who serve without pay), and their meetings and records are open to the public. The Granite Falls Historical Association, Inc. is a 501(c ) 3 nonprofit organization supported by membership dues and fundraisers. While the History Committee focuses on the needs of the museum, the Association helps by expanding the museum’s services, broadening historical research, and promoting its programs. A Board of Trustees handles the day to day business of the Association. The Board is comprised of five (5) officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and parliamentarian) elected at an Annual Meeting in October. The officers, in turn, may choose up to four (4) trustees to assist them in conducting business and completing projects. Established in 2016 (click on this PDF icon for more information), the Association has sponsored genealogical workshops, hikes to the falls that gives the town its name, and special programs to record oral histories from residents. Currently, the Association is working on two (2) long term projects - updating Etched in Granite, the History of Granite Falls, North Carolina and mapping Pinecrest Cemetery (a challenge since plots are individually owned and no known complete map exists). The Association plans to finish Etched in Granite, Volume II in time for the town’s 125th Anniversary on May 1, 2024. It will consist of the following sections: basic chronological history of town events, personal memories of the town and the people who have lived here, family histories, and information about organizations (churches, civic clubs, schools, and businesses). Since COVID-19 safety protocols restrict access to old records, members are preserving history as it is being made by making photos, recording events, collecting newspaper articles, and writing down memories. The closure of schools in March and limited reopening in August has stalled plans for completing the Pinecrest Cemetery Mapping Project. Teachers at South Caldwell High School had planned for drafting students to lay out a map based upon an aerial photo provided by Mark Jackson of Jackson Aerial Photography and for history students to walk the cemetery to gather information from tombstones. The Association Board is hopeful they can complete the map in May 2021. The Association Board of Trustees did not meet between February 2020 and September 2020 due to the closure of the museum. At its September meeting, members realized COVID-19 safety protocols would make it difficult to plan an Annual Meeting in October. In addition, guidelines still encourage people to stay at home. Consequently, the Board decided to postpone planning a an Annual Meeting until it is safer. They agreed to fulfil their duties until successors can be elected as per the ByLaws. The Association communicates monthly with each member via a newsletter, Tablet II. Persons wishing to join the Association may do so at any time. Our fiscal year begins on November 1st and runs through October 31st. Annual dues are $12.00 for individuals, $18.00 for families, and $25.00 for businesses, prorated during the first year. For example, individual memberhip for March 1 through October 31 is $8.00 ($1.00 per month). Business membership for the same period is $17.00 ($2.00 per month plus $1.00). A family (1 or 2 adults with children under 18 years of age) would pay $12.00 for the same 8 months. Persons/businesses wishing to join the Granite Falls Historical Association, Inc. may send their dues with a completed membership form (click on this PDF icon ) to the Association's treasurer, Adele Mangan, 33 Crestview St., Granite Falls, NC 28630. For more information, email Linda Crowder, the president, at Her phone number is 828-396- 1066. Please note: We want to say a special “thank you” to Paragon Design Group, Inc. of Hudson for creating our beautiful logo during their 2017 CreateAThon event that provides pro bono marketing assistance for worthy causes. Check out their website: