Welcome to the Granite Falls History and Transportation Museum. Once slated for destruction by its previous owner, the building is the second oldest home in Caldwell County. It dates back to the 1790s when Andrew Baird built it for his family next to the successful iron works he established at the granite falls on Gunpowder Creek. After the forge closed, the village he had built for his workers continued to grow. Known by different names over the years - Baird's Forge, Catawba View, Summerville, Lovelady, Granite - the village became the Town of Granite Falls on May 1, 1899. Many different families haved called the historic building home over the years. As time took its toll, maintenance became expensive. The last owner sought permission from the Fire Department for the building to be burned. Recognizing the historic value of the home, the Town of Granite Falls purchased it in 2001 with the vision of turning it into a museum. The vision became reality with the help of a $335,000 grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The Granite Falls History and Transportation Museum held its grand opening and ribbon cutting on January 18, 2007. This website will give you an overview of what we have to offer. We invite you to visit with us in person. There is no charge, but a donation box is available for those who wish to help the town defray expenses. Persons may call the town office at (828) 396-3131 to arrange a private tour at other times.
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At the Museum The Granite Falls History and Transportation Museum is now featuring issues of The Granite Falls Press from 1975 through 1985. This local newspaper, which published between 1952 and 1986, is a treasure trove for historical and genealogical researchers. In other news, the Town of Granite Falls turned 125 years old on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, The Granite Falls Historical Association hosted a birthday party in the Town Council Chambers on that date to commemorate the election which determined incorporation and elected the first mayor and town council. During a regular meeting of the Granite Falls Town Council on Monday, June 3, 2024, the Town of Granite Falls commemorated the first town council meeting, which was held on Saturday, June 3, 1899, during a regular business meeting held on Monday, June 3, 2024. We are currently seeking extra volunteers to serve as guides at the museum. Our normal hours are Sundays (except holidays) from 2 until 4 p.m., but we would also like to be open on Saturdays from 2 until 4 p.m. In addition, we need substitutes for emergencies. If interested in volunteering, please call the Town of Granite Office at (828) 396-3131. You may also dial this number to request a private tour. The museum is an ideal field trip for schools, churches, and civic groups. Please check out the rest of this website, follow us on Facebook (Granite Falls History and Transportation Museum), look at our brochure (click on PDF icon), and read our newsletters. Click on the PDF icons or click on the Publications tab to see newsletters dating back to January 2021. The Granite Tablet for June 2025 Tablet II for May 2024 The Granite Tablet for April 2024 2020 Brochure
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From Lovelady to Granite Falls